Naghedi NYC - Havana Clutch - Camel

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Naghedi NYC - Havana Clutch - Camel

Naghedi translated their beloved Havana fringe into a handheld clutch that inspires wanderlust. Combining beauty and function, the Havana clutch is handwoven from their signature neoprene. Stash it in your beach tote (have you seen the Havana Beach Tote?!), then take it along for a night out.

Height: 7.5" Width: 11" Depth: 2.75"
Composition: Handwoven neoprene (polyester)

How can I care for my Naghedi Bag? We chose neoprene as our signature fabric since it is easily cleaned and cared for. We suggest spot cleaning with mild soap or gentle detergent diluted in water when possible. A magic eraser works great on tougher stains. Some of our styles/colors are machine washable though we don’t recommend doing so unless absolutely necessary. Solid colors can be washed, dip dyes cannot be washed, plaids- please ask us. Machine washing instructions are: gentle cycle, cold, separately. Remove inside pouch and strap before washing . Lay flat to dry thoroughly.

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About The Brand:

A Bag To Feel Good About

As a brand, Naghedi strives for ethical and sustainable practices. 

Born out of the desire to create a classic bag that can outlast a season, Naghedi utilizes state-of-the-art fabrics that are lasting and easily cleaned and cared for. 

We work directly with our factory and visit them frequently to ensure the highest operating standards. Our bags are individually hand-woven and our skilled weavers can only produce one or two bags each day. That said, we are also looking to expand our manufacturing relationships and continue to explore ways to produce sustainable products, such as using recycled and reclaimed neoprene.